Best Government College | Govt Colleges in Haryana

A number of recognized colleges in Haryana which offers a wide range of courses. Govt colleges in Haryana affiliated to the various universities Maharishi Dayanand University, Kurukshetra University, etc. Govt colleges in Haryana offer education streamwise as well as job oriented and vocational courses which help the students to design their bright career.

List of Government Colleges in Haryana

Name Govt Colleges in HaryanaDistrict Name
B.P.S. Govt. Medical College for Women, Khanpur KalanSonipat
Ch. Bansi Lal Govt. College, LoharuBhiwani
Desh Bandhu Gupta Government College, PanipatPanipat
Dronacharya Govt. College, GurugramGurugram
Feroze Gandhi Memorial Govt. College, Mandi AdampurHisar
Government College for Girls, Sector – 14, GurugramGurugram
Government College for Women, Delhi Bypass, HisarHisar
Government College for Women, KarnalKarnal
Government College for Women, MurthalSonipat
Government College, BahuJhajjar
Government College, Beri – DujanaJhajjar
Government College, ChhachhrauliYamuna Nagar
Government College, HodelFaridabad
Government College, IsranaPanipat
Government College, KharkharaRewari
Government College, Kheri GujranFaridabad
Government College, Krishan NagarMahendragarh
Government College, MahendragarhMahendragarh
Government College, MehamRohtak
Government College, Nagal ChoudharyMahendragarh
Government College, NaharRewari
Government College, SatnaliMohindergarh
Government College, SidhrawaliGurugram
Govt. College for Girls, Sector-14, PanchkulaPanchkula
Govt. College for Women, Bhodia KheraFatehabad
Govt. College For Women, FaridabadFaridabad
Govt. College for Women, FaridabadFaridabad
Govt. College for Women, MahendragarhMahendragarh
Govt. College for Women, NarnaulMahendragrh
Govt. College for Women, RohtakRohtak
Govt. College of Education, BhiwaniBhiwani
Govt. College, AteliMahendragarh
Govt. College, BadliJhajjar
Govt. College, BahadurgarhJhajjar
Govt. College, Baund KalanBhiwani
Govt. College, BawalRewari
Govt. College, Bhattu KalanFatehabad
Govt. College, BhiwaniBhiwani
Govt. College, Dubal DhanJhajjar
Govt. College, FaridabadFaridabad
Govt. College, GharaudaKarnal
Govt. College, GohanaSonipat
Govt. College, HansiHisar
Govt. College, HisarHisar
Govt. College, Jatauli Haili MandiGurugram
Govt. College, JhajjarJhajjar
Govt. College, JindJind
Govt. College, Krishan Nagar, MahendergarhMahendergarh
Govt. College, NaginaGurugram
Govt. College, NalwaHisar
Govt. College, Nangal ChoudharyMahendergarh
Govt. College, NaraingarhAmbala
Govt. College, NarnaulMahendragarh
Govt. College, PanchkulaPanchkula
Govt. College, Sector – 9, GurugramGurugram
Govt. College, SofidonJind
Govt. College, TigaonFaridabad
Govt. National College, SirsaSirsa
H.L.G Govt. College, TauruNuh
I.G. Govt. college, TohanaFatehabad
K.M. Govt. College, NarwanaJind
Pandit Bhagwat Dayal Sharma P.G. Institute of Medical Sciences, RohtakRohtak
Pandit Neki Ram Sharma Government College, RohtakRohtak
Priyadarshini Indira Gandhi Govt. College for Women, JindJind
Pt. Chiranji Lal Sharma Govt. College, KarnalKarnal
Rajiv Gandhi Government College for Women, Hansi Road, BhiwaniBhiwani
Rajiv Gandhi Government College, SahaAmbala
S.K. Govt. College, KanwaliRewari
Shaheed Udham Singh Government College, Matak Majri IndriKarnal
Sir Chhotu Ram Govt. College for Women, SamplaRohtak
Smt. Aruna Asaf Ali Govt. Post Graduate College, KalkaPanchkula
University College of Education, KurukshetraKurukshetra

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