ITI Kaithal | Industrial Training Institute Kaithal

List of Govt. ITI and Private ITI Kaithal in Haryana

Name of ITIĀ Govt./Pvt.Estb. YearName of BlockName of District
Aadarsh Pvt. ITI, Budha KheraPvt. ITI2016KaithalKaithal
BPR Pvt. ITI, PadlaPvt. ITI2015KaithalKaithal
Dhand Pvt. ITI, DhandPvt. ITI2008PundriKaithal
Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar Pvt. ITI, PundriPvt. ITI2015PundriKaithal
Govt. ITI (W) PundriGovt. ITI1983PundriKaithal
Govt. ITI GuhnaGovt. ITI2008KaithalKaithal
Govt. ITI CheekaGovt. ITI2008Gulha CheekaKaithal
Govt. ITI KaithalGovt. ITI1963KaithalKaithal
Govt. ITI Kalayat at PinjupuraGovt. ITI2011KalayatKaithal
Govt. ITI PundriGovt. ITI1964PundriKaithal
Govt. ITI Bir BangraGovt. ITI2014RajoundKaithal
Govt. ITI (W) KaithalGovt. ITI1968KaithalKaithal
Govt. ITI PabnawaGovt. ITI2013DhandKaithal
Haryana Pvt. ITI, KaithalPvt. ITI2017KaithalKaithal
Jat Pvt. ITI KaithalPvt. ITI2016KaithalKaithal
Kaithal Pvt. ITI, Magho MajriPvt. ITI2016KaithalKaithal
Rama Pvt. ITI, KutubpurPvt. ITI2008KaithalKaithal
Shri Ram Pvt. ITI, RajoundPvt. ITI2010RajoundKaithal
Yuvraj Pvt. ITI, BattaPvt. ITI2014KalayatKaithal

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